Nestled in a hilly landscape, the 10 hectares of our Champagne house are
spread over thirty plots overlooking the Marne Valley. We grow the 3 main
Champagne grape varieties: 56% Meunier, 25% Chardonnay
and 19% of Pinot noir, which allow us to offer rich and balanced wines
that reveal the different typicalities of our terroir made of clay, chalk and limestone soils.

A vineyard more respectful of nature

As winegrowers, our idea is to reason our
, we are taking care of the
ecosystem and consider all the risks of
pollution and erosion, which makes it
more respectful to nature and its
This approach gives our terroir the
opportunity to fully express itself and
allows us to create the best possible
. Also, since his arrival, Pieter
has decided to focus more on tillage
and grassing
, which limits the use of
weedkillers and makes our viticulture
even more qualitative.

This hard work allowed us to obtain the certification HVE (High Environmental
Value) level 3.

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From the vineyard...

We are winegrowers-winemakers in the Marne Valley,
which means that we produce our champagnes from
our own grapes. We do everything ourselves, the
planting, the management of the vineyard, the harvest,
the pressing, the vinification until the sale of
champagne, everything is done in our domain. At the
harvest, the grapes at perfect maturity are harvested
only by hand. It is then carefully brought to the press.
Our press allows us to obtain musts almost without
any lees.


... to the cellar

From these juices, the fermentation will take place
quietly in stainless steel tanks or in oak barrels.
During the winter the wine will take his time to age
and develop some aromas until the final bottling in
the spring. Then, the bottles will go to our cellar,
dug into the side of the hills where the temperature
stays around 11°C and its humidity level is uniformly
constant, which makes it a privileged place, which
has been specially dug for aging the Champagne.

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