The domain R. Gerbaux has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. Inspired by our
family imprint, our reputation has been build by years of hard work of winegrowers
who have has left their marks on the history of our champagne house.

The characters who have marked our history

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It all started with Solange, great-granddaughter
of winegrowers, who maries Raymond
Gerbaux. At the beginning, they grew grapes
intended for sale to the large houses of
champagne. Very early on, Raymond threw
himself into the production of his own white
wine which he marketed himself. Subsequently,
he decided to try his first experiments of bottle
fermentation and became one of the
precursors of champagne making in our area.

After the Second World War, with his son,
Roger, they dug a cellar designate especially
for aging the Champagne.

Today, it is Régis who passes on his passion
of the viticulture and the oenology to his daughter
and his son-in-law, Juliette and Pieter, the
fourth generation.



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The 4th Generation

Pieter joined Régis from the harvest 2016.
Originally from the Netherlands, he studied
finance and then worked as a risk analyst.
At that time, he was far away from
imagining himself becoming a champagne
winegrower. The following year, Pieter
obtained his Professional Certificate of
Agricultural Operations Manager
the prestigious wine school in Avize.
Today, he fully manages the entire operation,
from working the vines to selling champagne.


It is now Juliette's turn to join the estate. She
learns the trade alongside her husband,
Pieter and under the watchful eye of her
father Régis
who is now retired, but still
very present to provide them with his
and valuable advice. For the
Maison R. Gerbaux, wine growing is a passion
passed down from generation to generation.
As a strong and united couple, Juliette and
Pieter come to perpetuate a long
experience of tradition
know-how adapted to modern methods.



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